This area is for those who wish to make a donation in memory of the pets who were a part of their family, house, and life, but have passed on.To donate in memory of a pet, please email a snapshot of your pet and a sentence or two about your time together. We will post it here as a reminder of those who touched and changed our lives.

From Caitlin and Meredith:

"Twister, always smiling, was a ray of sunshine to all who met him. He was an inspiration to never let adversity stand in your way and is missed by his family. We love you!"

Love from her mom, Chase:
Charlene was a sweet and affectionate kitty who adored being carried around on my shoulder.  She was fearless, talkative, and had a bit of a mischievous streak as well. Nine years with her was much too short.  I miss her greeting me at the door when I arrive home each day, but know that she is in a peaceful place.